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Jenna paperback

Road Trip! Road Trip!

We're going on a road trip!  No, not me--the ARC!  The Miles Between ARC is headed out on a cross country road trip starting here in San Diego and ending up on my editor's desk in New York City by publication day on September 1st!
Since THE MILES BETWEEN is an unusual road trip story, my editor and I decided it deserved an unusual road trip of its own.  And this is where YOU come in.  THE MILES BETWEEN is going to see the country!  And there are lots of miles between San Diego and New York to see!
Here is how THE MILES BETWEEN road trip works:

Each person who gets The Miles Between ARC can have it for a maximum of two weeks before sending it on to the person of their choice in a different town–make sure the person you choose knows the rules of the ARC tour before you send it to them. If you don't know who to send it to, email Mary@marypearson.com and she will give you another recipient to mail it to.

Take a picture of The Miles Between ARC somewhere in your hometown. Show off a favorite coffee shop, store, park, street--something your town is famous for--surprise us! Give some press to your favorite neck of the woods! Then post the picture on your blog and send me the link, or send a picture to me and I will post it on my blog. We all get to see the country! Unusual places. Quirky places. Fun places. YOUR places.

Once you have posted a picture  on your blog of The Miles Between somewhere in your hometown and you have sent me the link (or the picture to post on my blog)– along with your contact information–I will enter your name in a drawing. At the end of The Miles Between cross-country tour, I will draw TEN names from the “road trip bloggers” to receive free personalized and signed copies of the final hardcover of The Miles Between

Whoever has the ARC on August 20th is the last person to get it.  The road trip is almost over.  The last road trip blogger mails it by August 20th to my editor, Kate Farrell,  in NYC so it arrives in time for the official publication day on September 1st!  Remember, to be entered in the drawing, you must send me a link to your blog  with the picture of The Miles Between, or a picture for me to post by midnight August 20th.  Again, send to Mary@marypearson.com .Once they have all arrived, Kate will take a picture of the travel weary ARCS enjoying their final destination at the famous Flatiron Building in NYC and Mary will draw names and announce the winners.
Each ARC package will come with envelopes(6) and postage--all you have to do is address the envelope and make sure the remaining envelopes get tucked into the ARC package for the next recipient.  Feel free to sign your names and write messages on the inside covers of the ARC.  I can't wait to see all the miles between San Diego and New York City--your miles! 
If you want a chance to be part of the tour, get a sneak peek of THE MILES BETWEEN before publication, and show off your home town too, comment to this post, or email me privately at mary@marypearson.com (For emails, please put "The Miles Between Summer 2009 ARC tour" in your subject line!)  All comments to this post or emails must reach me by Wednesday May 27th   because the next day I will draw the four names to kick off THE MILES BETWEEN Road Trip. 

If you are wondering what The Miles Between is about, these early readers, Professornana, A Million Words, and The Well-Read Child share their thoughts about the story.
So, who is ready to go for a ride? I can't wait to see the country with you!