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A flutter . . .

I've acquired quite a few blue butterflies over the past year (including a beaded butterfly purse!) but today Little Willow aka slayground sent me this picture and it took my breath away.  At first I thought it was some kind of sculpture but then I saw the fluttering out-of-focus butterfly in the foreground. 

They're real!?! 

But I do remember reading that in the Amazon forest (?) there were these brilliant blue butterflies.  Well, sheesh, it looks like they are having a butterfly convention! 

Amazing, huh?

Making good progress on WIP.  I am still in honeymoon phase--lasting longer than usual--I haven't pulled out a single hair yet.  And that's amazing too.  At least for me.


So beautiful!

Thank you for sharing, that brightened my day.
That is amazing. The world is full of wonder.
Those butterflies are absolutely gorgeous!
So beautiful.
That is gorgeous and other-worldly! I'd love to have a print on my wall of it just to gaze at.

Thanks for posting this!
TOTALLY amazing!
Wow! Looks like a flowering vine or something.
what an exquisite vision this picture is!

thank you for sharing it


I hope your WIP is going smoothly and that you're finding it a joyful process
I would love to see that every single day, wouldn't you?
Oh, wow! That is beautiful, Mary. And wonderful to hear you're still in the honeymoon phase, too.