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Jenna paperback


It's finally here. And I think this year in California we're going to have a spectacular one. We've had an ideal amount of rain for a change so everything is green and blooming. I drove up past Camp Pendleton last week where all the fires had been in the fall, and what a transformation. This time the hills were on fire with golden poppies, wild mustard, and purple lavender. I think the ash from the fires must have acted as fertilizer because I have never seen those hills so beautiful.

I don't have a lot of flowers in my back yard because of certain four footed hairballs who refuse to acknowledge boundaries. So my front yard . . .

. . . is where I get to watch spring unfold. I noticed I don't have a lot of poppies this year. Must get to Home Depot for some seed . . .

Happy Spring! (and of course my favorite season, summer, comes next)


That is beautiful!
Ah! You should see Camp Pendleton! It is worth the drive!
Those pictures are so pretty!


random question?.......

i need info about you becouse i need info for a project in my class?

Re: random question?.......

If you go to my website, www.marypearson.com, there is info about my books and also a "bio" page which should help you out! Good luck with your project!
Oh, how beautiful!

We still have three feet of snow and the beginning of mud season here. I can't wait till my flowers bloom.
Beautiful photos! I'll need to look at them again tomorrow because, Wisconsin is expecting 8 - 14" of snow. Ack!

I'm so done with winter! ;(

How beautiful!
Gorgeous, I have about four feet of snow in my yard still (probably about ten on some of my gardens because that's where the blower blows). I want spring. It's my favorite season - well at least when it arrives.

I almost had to grab my sunglasses to take it all in.

Ahhhhhh Spring

Oooooooo....so pretty. Such nice detail on your close up. I love your front flower bed. So many beautiful flowers.

Happy Spring Mary!!