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Jenna paperback

Do I dare say . . .

Happy New Year?

Egad, I've had a long hiatus from my blog.  Last year was an insane year for me.  So much going on!  Here's the short list:

1.  My youngest daughter got married.  (Beautiful bride and wedding!)
2.  My first grandbaby was born. (I am smitten!)
3.  I had a new book published!  (The Fox Inheritance!)
4.  I wrote and had my first short story published! (Gargouille in Enthralled anthology!)
5.  I wrote and had my second short story published! (The Rotten Beast from Tor!)
6.  I went on a very long group book tour! (Pen Fatale tour!)
7.  And . . . ta-da! During all of this, somehow I wrote ANOTHER book! (The third and final of The Jenna Fox Chronicles)

It still makes my head spin.  I honestly don't know how I did it all, but I do know I was busy, and some things had to go by the wayside--like keeping up on my blog.  And the gym.  And cleaning. And . . .

So I'm hoping 2012 is a bit less hectic.  I am finishing up revisions of the book I mentioned in #7.  No title yet.  My editor and I are still working on it, tossing around possibilities.  It should be out this time next year.

And new stories ideas and characters have already come courting.  I keep pushing them away which is what I always do with stories, and then finally, I succumb to the ones that just won't stop wooing me. But right now I will keep them at bay until I finish these revisions.

(Are revisions ever really ever finished?  But that's another post.)


I know how you did it all - you are Super Woman! :)

Almost done reading The Fox Inheritance and LOVING it! Can't wait for book 3! (I guess I'll have to!)

Great seeing you last week!
Ha! Not exactly Super Woman. More like Super Nut : )
I'm reading The Fox Inheritance--page 192 and loving it! Thanks for writing such amazing books.
Right back at ya, Cyn. Thanks!
Thanks Jeannine! And wow, what a gorgeous cover on your new one! Congrats right back at ya!
Thank you!