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The Fox Inheritance

Cake, books, and friends!

I have been remiss in updates.  So much going on!  But the launch for The Fox Inheritance at Mysterious Galaxy was awesome. How could it not be with this:

A chocolate eyeball cake!! What's not to love?! AND made by the manager of the store! (Did I mention that I love MG?)

And all the people who came out were equally awesome.  Thank you so much.  They asked a lot of great questions--some I could, and even some I couldn't answer.  (What on earth am I describing here? How big a piece of cake I'm going for?)

It was a great night with great friends who ventured the traffic (and the start of the school year) and I really appreciate all who came (and those who were there in spirit : )  Thank you!

Isn't that a cool shirt that Mysterious Galaxy has?  The necessities of life!

And last, but certainly not least, librarian goddess, Peggy Hodge came and brought me a little surprise for my newest little reader:

Yes, Peggy, she is!

Soon I will be hitting the road for The Pen Fatale Tour!  Two weeks, twelve cities, loads of fun!  I will post the schedule here soon, but in the meantime follow the previous link to see details and cities.  I hope one is near you!

And please, don't forget to follow me on Twitter and on Facebook, for the fastest updates.  Thanks!


ha! I will agree with you on the cake and baby : )