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The Fox Inheritance

Cake, books, and friends!

I have been remiss in updates.  So much going on!  But the launch for The Fox Inheritance at Mysterious Galaxy was awesome. How could it not be with this:

A chocolate eyeball cake!! What's not to love?! AND made by the manager of the store! (Did I mention that I love MG?)

And all the people who came out were equally awesome.  Thank you so much.  They asked a lot of great questions--some I could, and even some I couldn't answer.  (What on earth am I describing here? How big a piece of cake I'm going for?)

It was a great night with great friends who ventured the traffic (and the start of the school year) and I really appreciate all who came (and those who were there in spirit : )  Thank you!

Isn't that a cool shirt that Mysterious Galaxy has?  The necessities of life!

And last, but certainly not least, librarian goddess, Peggy Hodge came and brought me a little surprise for my newest little reader:

Yes, Peggy, she is!

Soon I will be hitting the road for The Pen Fatale Tour!  Two weeks, twelve cities, loads of fun!  I will post the schedule here soon, but in the meantime follow the previous link to see details and cities.  I hope one is near you!

And please, don't forget to follow me on Twitter and on Facebook, for the fastest updates.  Thanks!


Mary, that is one beautiful baby! And one beautiful grandma!

Oh, and one beautiful cake. Ha!
ha! I will agree with you on the cake and baby : )
Very sweet. All of it. :>)
Thanks, Christine : )
Such good news, all around!
Thanks, Cindy : )