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Jenna paperback

Random Friday Few . . .

1.   To jump start my day I was reading author's top tens advice for writing. I came across a lot of gems.  Some made me laugh with suggestions of drinking and doing naughty things under your desk.  But this one from Geoff Dyer made me pause and think on it a long while: "Have regrets.  They are fuel.  On the page they flare into desire."  Of course, I hate regrets.  I don't want to have any.  But he's right, they are fuel, and I used one yesterday that made me ache for my character. And maybe me too.

2.   I saw a teen on a street corner yesterday dressed up like a hot dog.  Bun, mustard, ketchup, and all.  All I could think of is the laughs and stories he will have to tell years from now.  Who can top that as a summer job?

3.   I have no frogs in my yard.  That disturbs me.  We used to have a lot. I posted about one particularly loud one a few years ago.  Where have the frogs gone?  But I have plenty of lizards.  Maybe they're eating the frogs. Ew.

Have a good weekend everyone.