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The Fox Inheritance

BEA Recap . . .

What a fun, crazy few days!  After days and days of torrential rain forecasts, I arrived in New York to sunshine and very warm days.  I'm not complaining--I love sunshine--but I didn't pack sunshine clothes.  I packed rain clothes so I wore the same three things over and over and over.  But in a city of a zillion people, who would know?

I flew in Tuesday night and Wednesday morning the fun began.  First up was a video interview with Figment, one of the fastest growing writing sites on the web. They asked me some fun, impromptu questions.  Then it was time for me to sign The Fox Inheritance at the Macmillan booth.  The Javits Center is enormous.  This is a shot from a second floor lounge window where you can see everything! 

I was too busy to get any pictures of the signing but I would have loved to have gotten some shots of the people who came.  Some were old friends, some I had only met online but felt like I had met before, and then I met so many new people too.  The blogger presence was staggering.  Yay for so many people talking up books! Enormous thanks to all who came out!

Even though I didn't get pictures of the signing, here are a few sites or people who did:
 The MacKids blog  (yes, in that one picture I have just eaten a canary.  Who me?)
The Reading Zone  (Sarah is a blogger I have known online but met for "reals" at BEA)
Early Word , Lisa's Picks  (thanks, Lisa!)

My wonderful editor was handing out swag to those who came to the signing.  Fun to see so many folks wearing ESCAPEE wristbands.  Ha!  I wonder if anyone on the street wondered who these people were who were breaking out of the Javits Center. (Book lovers, that's who.)

Immediately following the signing was another impromptu video interview with Justine Magazine.  Can't wait to see it so I can see what I actually said!  From there I was off to a luncheon put on by my publisher at a local restaurant.  I met Ann Martin there and gave a very fan girly squee, and then I tried to quickly regain composure.  I got to meet lots of "book people" and enjoy food and company.

After the lunch it was a race back to the hotel for a quick change then back to Javits to have coffee with Gabrielle Zevin.  Her new book, All These Things I've Done,  is luscious and chocolately and you will love it.  I guarantee it.  And then it was off to the art auction to benefit ABFFE (American Booksellers Foundation for Freedom of Expression) Laurie Halse Anderson was master of ceremonies and shared some of her experience with book banning. I've never had a book banned or challenged that I know of, but I know many of my favorite books have had people who have tried to remove them from schools and libraries.  Thank God there is a voice out there, ABFFE, for those of us who want to have choice in what we read. The auction was a huge success thanks to the very generous artists who donated their work, and I came away with two pieces:

WADDLES by David McPhail, a watercolor which I simply adore, especially being a duck lover.

And this hand-smocked dress by Ann Martin (yes, the Babysitters Club Ann Martin!)  This one was a no-brainer for me.  I had to have it!  As many of you know, I am expecting my first grandbaby in just two months and this will be an EXTRA special dress for her.  Plus, I used to smock myself eons ago, and I know the countless hours that go into them.  It's just beautiful.

After the auction I had a relaxing dinner with my editor and agent, and my husband too.  Great food, great company, and lots of quiet which we needed.  By the end of the evening I practically had to be poured into the cab (from being tired, not what you were thinking!) Jet lag had finally caught up with me.

The next day I went to lunch with my editor at another one of those wonderful tucked away New York restaurants and we even did a little shopping at a children's store around the corner.  (I swear this little granddaughter I don't even have yet is too much fun to shop for.)  When I left I was going to grab a taxi back to my hotel but decided to walk a bit.  And then a bit more.  It is not like I get to New York every day and I wanted to soak it in. 

At this point I'm about halfway to my hotel and  in front of the NYPL  (yay!) and I'm developing blisters but still managing to smile.  And once you're halfway you might as well walk the rest, right?  I just sort of disconnected my feet from my brain. 

Blisters and all, the weather, New York, and BEA were amazing.  Thanks again to all who came out to the signing.  I appreciate your support immensely! And thanks to the weather man for holding back the rain.


Thank you for the recap. It doesn't seem like things could have been more wonderful, except for kinder shoes. And what treasures you brought back!
The problem was the shoes were fairly new--the very comfy type--but they needed to be broken in. They are now!
Sounds simply lovely! And I always come from NYC with blisters on my feet.

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