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The Fox Inheritance

Quite blown away

Suzanne Collins (yes, of Hunger Games fame!) read my book, The Fox Inheritance which will be out on August 30th, and she said some very nice things about it:

"In this futuristic follow-up, Pearson pries open the most haunting element of Jenna Fox's world:  disembodied minds trapped in computers.  Questions of human identity and nightmarish medical technology drive this riveting, thought-provoking sequel."
--Suzanne Collins

Yes, blown away and thrilled.


Whoa. That is pretty darn cool! :)

(However, I should add, you are an amazing writer, too, Mary, just like Suzanne Collins!)
You are too sweet, Amy. Thank you.
The woman has excellent taste.
Thanks, Melissa : )
Thanks, Debby! : )
Wowza! Color me impressed!
Wowza!! That's a fantastic blurb - congrats! I'm so looking forward to THE FOX INHERITANCE, Mary!
Thanks Kate! : )
How wonderful Mary!!!
Thanks, Lisa! Hope our travels bring us together again soon!
* high five *

Congratulations, Mary! What a great review. I'm excited to read The Fox Inheritance. Will you do a launch party in San Diego? I hope so! We'll rally the troops to come.
Yes, Lisa, a launch party is in the works! More dates and details when I have them. And thank you for rallying the troops--it's awesome to share celebrations with writer friends!

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