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The Fox Inheritance

Friday Five . . .

The last month has been crazy!  I should have a Friday FIFTY, but I will try to keep it down to five.

1.  Travel and visits!  This last month there has been a flurry of them--and much eating of cake!  Which probably explains why my jeans are fitting tighter these days.

I had a great time in Washington (see previous post) and as soon as I got back there were more visits, but most of those were local.  The Adoration of Jenna Fox is one of the three California Young Reader Medal nominees (honored to be included with Suzanne Collins and Neal Shusterman) so a lot of local schools asked me to come visit.  Carlsbad High School did a Readers Theater to introduce me.  I was awed and almost speechless when it was time for me to talk (keyword: "almost").  Last week I had a Skype visit with Arkansas teachers and librarians who were attending the Arkansas Association of Instructional Media conference.  My dad was from Arkansas and I really wish I could have gone there in person, but the timing just didn't work out, but hooray for Skype!

2.  It's official.  To celebrate the publication of The Fox Inheritance, I am going to be touring this fall with awesome authors, Alyson Noel, Jessica Brody, Alexandra Adornetto, and Gabrielle Zevin!  I'm excited!  I know Alyson but I can't wait to meet the rest of these writers.  The tour is called The Pen Fatale Tour (love that name--thanks Jennifer!) and we will possibly be visiting these cities:  Chicago, Austin, Houston, Cincinnati, Dayton, Denver, Los Angeles, and Seattle.  Actually, Austin is confirmed--we will all be at the Teen Lit Festival there on October 1.  Do you live in or near any of these cities?  I hope so!

3.  My website is updated--finally!  It now includes a Facebook plug in on the home page so I can share book news as it happens.  Hope you "Like" it : )

4.  Over at MacKids I have a new post:  When Stories Come Knocking (What's a writer to do?)   Hope you check it out.  I think every writer has been in that position when a story grabs hold of you unexpectedly.

5.  Only two weeks left until my daughter gets married.  Details!  Details!  Do I need to say more? (But all is going smoothly--just the usual last minute rush.)  We keep telling the groom that she has the most gorgeous purple turtleneck wedding dress.  He's not buying it.  Hm, I wonder why.

6.  I already shared the news that my other daughter is pregnant.  Well, we found out what she's having.  A girl!  I'm ecstatic.  I can't wait to spoil her and read to her and . . .  everything.  Can't.  Wait.

Okay, I didn't stick to five, but at least it wasn't fifty--and it easily could have been!

Have a great weekend all!  (And no more cake for me, or I won't fit into my dress for the wedding!)


What a happy time for you!

I wish you guys were coming to Portland ... oh well, a girl can dream.
Me too, April. It would be so cool to meet you in person!