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Jenna paperback

Expiration Dates . . .

I hope my husband doesn't see this blog.  Today our Naked Juice goes from "enjoyable" to "drink at your own risk."  He believes at the stroke of midnight all expiration dates go into effect.  Actually, that isn't quite true.  If he sees that it expires the next day, he'll ask me, "you think this is still okay?"  He's a date checker.  (I wonder if I can doctor that oj date into a 29?  Think he would remember that this isn't a leap year?)


My daughter, who is married and living in the next town called me one morning asking me about eggs she had that had "expired."  (gad, it sounds like they're dead, doesn't it?)  "You think they're still good, Mom?" I think they were one or two days past the expiration. 

What did we do before expiration dates?  We smelled and tasted and if we didn't gag, it was good.  How much food gets thrown out because of dates on packaging?

Look at our milk.  It is only three days away from becoming highly suspect.

Are you a date checker?  Or do you live dangerously and sniff and taste?

hm, what if WE had expiration dates?  Humans, I mean, but I suppose we all do.  It is one of those inevitable things. Like taxes.  But what if we knew the exact date?  Would you want to know?  I'm not sure I would.  Several years ago, when my mom was sick and given six months to live, she used that time to get everything in order, and she died in three months.  She appreciated knowing, I think, because she was ready.  And it wasn't an exact date, just a time frame.  Sometimes I wonder, what if she hadn't been told?  Would she have lasted longer?

wow, how did expiring orange juice take such a heavy turn?  (the scary mind of a writer--one thing leads to another.)

Anyway, back to my question, are you a date checker? Do alarms go off in your house when food expires?



You know...once in a while things go bad BEFORE the expiration date. I threw out milk last week that had clearly gone bad, despite the fact it wasn't "supposed to expire" for another three days. Better to trust the nose/taste buds over the date stamped...
Nope. Well, not at least for me. This is a an excerpt from last saturday morning:
Dad-What are eating?
Dad-Aren't you milktose* intolerant?
Dad-Dude**, this expired two days ago!
Me-still tastes and smells ok, as opposed to your cottage cheese which expired three weeks ago and you ate yesterday.
Dad-*face turns green and runs upstairs*

*my mom says it all the time and we just adopted it into our vocabulary.
**that's really how my dad talks, and it's not him trying to be cool, he just used to be a major stoner.
OHMYGOSH--we must seriously be married to the same man! My husband drives me to distraction with his obsessive date checking and the "do you think this is still good?" tirades.

Sure, I look at dates, but I won't waste food that's overdate by a couple days. When I was a kid, my dad was a salesperson for Kraft Foods and he was allowed to bring home some of the food that had been on the shelves too long (I don't remember actual dating back then). Heck, I grew up on out-of-date food! Sure, sometimes those Pillsbury biscuits didn't rise so well, but hey, they still tasted good! ;-)
I'm a paranoid sell-by date checker as well. It drives my husband nuts because he says that's just sell by, not eat by. To him, two very different things. To me? Not so much.

I'm completely obsessive about expiration dates--drives my bf nuts! I sound a lot like your husband, actually. Even the day before it expires, heh. I also have to smell everything before I eat it. Then again, I have OCD :) However, it's nice to know that I'm not alone with this quirk...I was beginning to think I was!
my little boy knows always o check--we but lots of organic stuff (milk, juice) and it seems to go sour faster
I check dates. But sometimes I'll come across a salad dressing in the fridge that has a 'best before' date from a previous year! I don't know how that happens--I just get so used to seeing them in the fridge door that I completely ignore them?

If my eggs are near their expiration date, I put them in a cup of water. If they're rotten they'll float.
yes! The same thing happens with my salad dressings! I have had some on the shelf in the pantry that have never been opened and it seems I JUST bought them, and then when I check the date it is expired! oh--good trick about the eggs!
I don't mess around. If the date says it's bad, it goes into the trash so quick it can't even think about making me sick. Food poisoning is totally not worth a few extra eggs.
I don't know that I'm a DATE checker, but I do sort of have an internal calendar in my mind about how long something's been in the fridge & whether it's possibly reached the "growing" stage yet. It's okay, though, because my husband eats things WAY beyond my comfort level. :)
Sell by dates are different than use by (or enjoy by) dates. So your milk would still be good for 3-4 days.

I happily eat food that expired months ago. But it's all stuff like granola bars. I don't think I would eat refrigerated stuff much past a week past a use by date.
My husband is a compulsive date-checker guy too. The date the milk expires, he's suddenly sure it tastes funny.
I thought my hubby was the only one! he won't eat or drink anything if it's expired, even by a day. I generally just don't tell him that things are expired if I can help it.
I sniff them if it's BEFORE the date. Once the "expired" date hits, I throw them out.

And if there is no date & I don't remember when it was opened (a challenge with the fact that there are, yanno, other people opening stuff too), my instinct is to toss it. My spouse, otoh, is impervious to spoiled food and microbes. His solution is to hang a perm marker on the fridge with which ppl are to label the items so I don't throw them out "too soon."
Mary. Oh my g-d. This is SO scary. Just as I began to read your LJ entry, a commercial was finishing up for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The woman was talking about her care and what her doctor said to her: "We checked all over and we don't see any EXPIRATION DATE stamped on your foot."
The woman said the words "EXPIRATION DATE" just as I read the words on YOUR Live Journal. So so so freaky.

I let things go until the last second. I am very, very bad watching clocks. I don't like things to end.

I tend to be late, no matter how early I start getting ready to go somewhere.

I do work better with a deadline, self-imposed or otherwise. But the calendar troubles me. I don't like doing things because I am SUPPOSD to be doing it. I don't give gifts BECAUSE it is a holiday. I give gifts because.. just because. {}


Speaking of Expiration Dates

p.s. I also hate throwing things away-- which accounts for some of less attractive odors that have sometimes emanated from my refrigerator. ;>


Love it.

Just was googling around as I was sipping a well past the expiration date bottle of Naked Juice for "Naked Juice past expiration date" and came across your blog.

I think you hit the nail on the head - I'm throwing down the last half of a huge Naked Juice "Blue Machine" as I type this - it expired on July 5th, and today is July 28th. It tastes fine to me - so why not whip it in me? The thing was like $6 and it's good!

If I get food poisoning, I'll stop back to let you know how rough it is.


Re: Love it.

Love it more....

Here I am Googling for "Naked Juice enjoy by date" and come across this blog - more specifically this entry. My enjoy by date was Feb 8th. I gave it the old smell / taste test and it seems good to go!

I am always checking dates and this is out of character for me to consume something past the "supposed gone bad date", but I couldn't bear to throw it out. Although becoming ill certainly won't feel too nice. Silly how things get rationalized huh?

I too will stop back by if drinking my "old" Naked Juice turns out to be a bad idea.


Re: Love it.

Today is January 9th and this morning I drank 75% of a Naked that expired November 28th. WAY past my comfort level but no urgent trips to the bathroom.. I feel somewhat 'ick' but that's probably all in my head.


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